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Practice Areas

Tax and Social Security Law

  • Provide support in the mapping and analysis of different Brazilian tax models,

  • Prepare and conduct legal proceedings and administrative defenses involving any tax issue;

  • Advise on assessments of tax liabilities and negotiation of incentives with public authorities;

Commercial Law

  • Drafting, structuring, and negotiating commercial contracts;

  • Advice to companies on all legal aspects of commercial activity

  • Preparation of corporate acts;

  • Structuring corporate operations;

  • Advice on the legal aspects of limited companies and corporations.

Corporate Law

Family and Succession Law

  • Extrajudicial and judicial action in matters related to marriage, divorce, maintenance and custody of minor children;

  • Extrajudicial and judicial action in succession.

Civil Litigation

  • Representation of individuals and legal entities in all aspects of Private Law.eito Privado.

Regulatory Agencies and Administrative Law 

  • Consultancy and assistance in business relations with the State, including bidding processes, administrative contracts, administrative and judicial litigation.

Criminal Law

  • Consultancy and action on criminal matters for companies and individuals.

Participation in Rankings

In accordance with the lawyer´s code of ethics, we do not provide confidential client data and therefore do not participate in publications with law firm rankings. It is the office's policy not to pay for editorial or advertising space. Our website and publications on social networks are tools for publicizing the firm's activities

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